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Welcome to The Shiapedia
An Online Islamic Encyclopedia for everyone, with everything to do with the Shiite faith.
Currently editing 219 different articles and growing!

Welcome to Shiapedia

The Shiapedia is a wiki site dedicated towards the research of the Shiite sect of Islam. It’s aim is to cover and present a wide array of content pertaining to the Muslim and Islamic world, with a special focus on the sect of Shi'ism. The goal is to create a portal that provides a source of information for Muslims and non-Muslims alike, to further study and understand the Shi'a school of thought.

Material generally includes and focuses on translated works, translated narrations, book summaries and reviews, ideological views and different opinions on them, legal principles etc.

The Shiapedia does its level best to present information that is both accurate and in accordance with the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his holy household (as).

One of the most encouraged actions in Islam is to seek knowledge, and it is in this spirit that The Shiapedia was created and launched in October 2011. As a research oriented website, its content is essentially always open to changes and updates, therefore please do not use the content on this website as reference material for any academic purpose, rather merely as a guide.

On-going Translation:

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